Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Demaree's Travels

Having discussed my Nebraska/Colorado/New Mexico travels, I thought it fitting to review Demaree's Nebraska/Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas travels. Everything was fine until, somewhere in Oklahoma, a dust devil hit the Civic. Apparently, it was a strong little devil (pun intended) because it blew off the car top carrier and part of the driver's side front door. A nice man helped Dem reattach the carrier. Demaree then stopped at the next rest area, unloaded the carrier, and ditched it next to a dumpster. Apparently, the rest of the trip was fairly uneventful (which is what you would expect driving through the midwest). When she and Elliot arrived in San Angelo, all rejoiced -- except, of course, for the Civic (she's still upset at the dust devil).

(Aside: I've always been of the impression that nothing good happens in Oklahoma, and this experience proves it. Honestly, the most exciting things in Oklahoma are: (1) prairie fires, (2) the state lotto, and (3) dang, I can't even think of a third thing. Anyway, stay away, stay very far away.)

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