Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sold Our House!

Well, as the title indicates, we recently sold our house, or, more correctly stated, we contracted to sell our house. It'll close August 15, which is just in time to not pay our August mortgage payment. (whew.) This house sale is slightly different from our last experience.

To explain, a few years ago we bought a house in Vegas. Luckily, we bought it at the beginning of Vegas's big housing boom, and sold before the ensuing bubble burst. This time however, the Lincoln market has been stagnant for the last four to five years, which means we didn't make much, if anything, on this house. That being said, we're grateful to have sold the house quickly (about thirty days) and for the price we did.

And now, we must take a minute to thank our friend (and realtor) Charmaine Kearl. She was incredible throughout the home selling process. We owe her everything, and we thank her very much. She's been a great friend over these last few years. Oh, and if you're selling your house in Lincoln (or thereabouts), we recommend Charmaine.


Laura said...

Congrats. That's always a huge relief!!

How It All Began... said...

You're the second friend of ours who's lately sold a house. We're keeping our fingers crossed that ours move so quickly.