Friday, November 25, 2011


Ah, Thanksgiving. 7000 calories and a whole bunch of football. What could be better? Oh, having Erin, Lily, Meri, and Renee over, that's what. After intaking unheavenly amounts of foodstuffs and watching football, we moved on to playing Taboo (Dem and I won) and "Captain America." A great day with great friends it was; and what a blessing it is to have friends and family nearby.

And here are some pictures of the food.

And then there were some desserts (pumpkin chocolate bread pudding and pumpkin cranberry cheesecake and chocolate pie) not pictured. Mmm, so good.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Halloween isn't an important holiday for Dem and me. We don't really dig dressing up in costumes or eating candy, especially candy corn. But Halloween is a big deal to Elliot. He loves dressing up, going to houses and collecting candy. Oddly, however, he doesn't really like the candy he gathers.

So, this year Elliot chose a Spider Man costume.

He ended up trick or treating with Marie and Lilly. The kids were so stoked to be out they ran from house to house. Elliot even had Spider Man boots which would light up whenever he took a step. So, when he would run there was this little trail of light emanating from his feet. It was super cute. Best part of the night: Elliot only ate an apple someone gave him; he didn't want any of the candy. What a good boy.