Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rome Italy LDS (Mormon) Temple Construction Photographs

Here's the latest on the Rome temple. They have started bringing in olive trees.

Rome Italy LDS (Mormon) Temple Construction Photographs


As good parents, we used the five inches of snow outside as an opportunity to go sledding. We went to Elliot's favorite park, and, thankfully, we ran into a family that had made a perfect sledding trail for small kids. Elliot had a good time, although he doesn't stay seated when he goes down the hill (instead, he lies supine on the sled). Oh well, he'll learn before long.

Ride em' cowboy!

Elliot has found a new preferred activity.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Afghan fashion show

A couple Christmases ago, Dem's brother Erick brought back a drum and outfit for Elliot from his deployment in Afghanistan. Elliot plays with the drum pretty often, but he usually doesn't pull out the outfit. That is until recently, when he and Demaree put on an improvisational fashion show.

Birthday Dinner

It was my birthday recently, and Demaree took me out to Cucina Toscana (a local hoighty-toighty Italian restaurant we've both wanted to try for a while now). It was quite good, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Here are some photos.

And thanks to our friends who watched Elliot and made possible our great evening out. Y'all are the best.