Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Job & Elliot Update

I began my new life as an actual lawyer on Monday. For those unaware, I took a job with the litigation firm Miller Stratvert. It's one of the largest firms in New Mexico. The lawyers and support staff are great.

The greatness of the people notwithstanding, Monday was, well, somewhat disappointing. I spent most of the day filling out paperwork. I billed a total of 24 minutes (not so good when you have to bill 1800 hours per year). Thankfully, the next day was much more productive, as was today.

Okay, enough boring lawyer stuff. Elliot and Demaree attended the pops concert in San Angelo today. As is tradition, at the end of the concert, those crazy San Angeloans bust out the fireworks and cannons -- that's right people, they have cannons. Apparently, Elliot was unphased by the rather substantial noise. In fact, about half way through the fireworks display, he got bored and fell asleep. Now, contrast our calm, cool, collected son with the baby sitting next to him: she cried troughout (little wiener). Yet more evidence Elliot is a stud.

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