Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dressing Your Child

One of the greatest pleasures about having a child is dressing him -- I say "him," not because I'm a sexist who masculinizes all speech, but because we actually have a boy. And possibly the greatest part about dressing your child is you can dress him in anything, and I mean anything. Just think about the clothes we put on our kids: outfits full of monkey, giraffes, elephant, and every domesticated animal excepting the alpaca (although, I'm sure Peruvian parents are all about alpaca laced onesies). Moreover, any color (including taupe for heaven's sake) is acceptable on any child.

One interesting phenomenon in our "dress your kids in anything" universe is the political statement onesie. Parents are now wont to dress their children in a onesie sporting whatever political fad statement rules the day -- e.g., "Go green" or "Barack's my guy." I guess this is a natural extension of earlier times when parents would pin "I Like Ike" buttons on their child's overalls.

In any case, we (well, I, mostly) have decide to join the political baby fray with the following onesie:
I couldn't resist. My friend Shannon and I were IMing one evening, and he linked me to this. I had to buy it. When I told Demaree about it, she asked: "What if Elliot turns out to be a liberal?" I replied, "Well, it obviously won't be our fault."
So, there you have it: the politicization (or better yet, the Scaliazation) of our child has officially begun.

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tiff said...

And the most interesting thing about dressing your child in anything is that it doesn't matter to the unobservant observer. You can dress your baby boy in mountains of blue, with footballs on his blankets and even a spiked collar, and the lady at the grocery store will still be like, "Your little girl is so cute!"