Monday, June 30, 2008

Marco's Travels

Well, I finally made it to New Mexico. I had planned on leaving the house on Friday after the Mayflower guys finished packing our house. But, alas, they didn't finish until almost 4:30 p.m., and we thought it best to spend the evening going to dinner with the Sorenson's one last time (it was the right choice).

I decided I would leave early Saturday morning, but that didn't work either. When Dem and I kneeled down to pray just before I was to have left, I noticed small dots of what seemed like tapioca pearls floating in my right eye. Having experienced a retinal tear six year ago, I knew exactly what was happening -- I was bleeding into my eye (the tapioca pearls are red blood cells, and, yes, you can see them, oddly enough). Figuring unwanted bleeding into my vitrious liquid was not what I wanted to continue unabated, I called a local Opthamologist. Dr. Liu was nice enough to see me on fairly short notice, so Dem, Elliot, and I drove to his office in Omaha.

He dialated my pupils and shone one of those terribly bright lights in my eye for a good fifteen minutes. He then declared: "Everything's okay." "Really?" I said with my eyes watering and only seeing purple faux light in my right eye. "Then why am I bleeding into my eye?" I continued. Dr. Liu explained sometimes the sack in which the vitrious liquid is contained contracts, causing slight bleeding but no tearing (yeah, I don't understand that explanation either). Anyway, I chose to believe him, and left for New Mexico shortly after having arrived back home in Lincoln.

I made it to the bustling metropolis of Brush, Colorado before sacking out at the Econolodge. The front desk lady was nice and talkative. She figured out I was moving to Farmington, and had just left Demaree and Elliot in Nebraska because we hadn't finalized Elliot's adoption yet. Upon hearing we were adopting, she informed me she was thinking about adoption. She had four children, but they were all boys. She figured adoption would give her the treasure she had sought lo these many years: a girl. I wished her luck, went to my room, took in an episode of "Good Eats", and hit the hay.

Sunday was filled with driving, driving, and more driving. It's incredible how long it takes to get through Colorado. In any case, I made it to Farmington around 4 p.m. Dem's brother Denis and his fiance Lisa also stayed the night on their way to San Angelo. (They thought it a good idea to spend time with Denis's family before the wedding.) We had a good time talking, and eating dinner together.

(Update: my eye seems fine, I think. It hasn't become more populated with tapioca pearls, which is a good sign.)

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