Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our Saturday at The Zoo

We took Elliot to the Omaha zoo for the first time this morning. For those who don't know, Omaha's zoo is quite good, so we spent a good four hours there. Unfortunately, the college world series held games today, which meant it was an hour and fifteen minutes from when we exited the freeway until we found a parking space. It was worth it though; we all had a good time.

This is Elliot rubbing the stone globe that rotates by means of water bubbling up from the bottom.

Here we are with the grizzly bears. Elliot did actually look at him after a minute. (Aside: As one who grew up with grizzly bears roaming his front yard (literally), I was rather disappointed with the midget grizzly on display. I swear, the thing was no bigger than some people you see at Wal-Mart riding on those self-propelled shopping carts.)

And here's the pachyderm. We weren't sure if he was incapacitated, but it turns out he was just lazin' out leaning up against some massive poles.

This is a zebra surrounded by ostriches. I kept waiting for the ostrich to lay the wood to Mr. zebra, but, alas, nothing. Evidently, they had come to an understanding.

And finally, we checked out the fishes. Elliot was mesmorized by them, probably because there were so many he couldn't possibly follow them all with his eyes.

After the zoo, we went out to eat with Henry and Jonie (and their kids, of course) in Blair, NE. Henry's finished the yardwork on his 1920s era house, and it looks pretty darn good.

Good day.


leannewitney said...

oh dear- you just made my day b/c of the comparison made to the customers and Wal-Mart and the bears. Thank you

j&m said...

Had we been able to party with you at the zoo, Ellie would have been fishmerized too. They put one in an alpha state (: how goes the packing?