Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Rest of The Day

Like I said, the best part of swearing in day was what we did after being sworn in. First, we ate at a darn good Greek restaurant in Albuquerque named Yanni's. Scallops, good stuff. Braised lamb shank, fall-off-the-bone tender. Spanakopita, tasty.

Next, we went to the arts festival downtown and visited an old family friend, Paul Wisdom, from Cold Bay. It had been eighteen years since I had seen him. I forgot his beard; although, having seen it again, I wondered how I ever forgot.

Saying goodbye to Paul, we headed to the aquarium. Elliot was mesmerized, as he is with most everything at this point in his life.

The jumping stingrays caught his attention first. But what he really enjoyed was the big tank, filled with tortoises, fish of all stripes, and a shark with an unexplained teeth bearing problem (as in, it bore its teeth continuously). Maybe this is its way of paying homage to Fire Marshal Bill.

And here's one last shot of Elliot with Dem, just for good measure.

Another fun day for the Browns.

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jon and marni said...

Yanni' in THE Yanni? I hope you got his autograph...