Saturday, September 6, 2008

Translation Frustration

As many know, we are teaching Elliot our respective languages (Spanish and Italian). French will likely follow when Elliot's a little older and we find a good tutor. Our attempts notwithstanding, Elliot seems intent on not following the plan. For example, when we try to get him to say "babbo [i.e., daddy]," Elliot smiles and says either "da-dee" or "da-da." It's like he knows what to say --obviously he does because he's translating correctly -- but just wants to play with us. Little punk.

If this is how he acts now, we're going to have our hands full, in a really fun way, when he's older.

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tiff said...

I hope you have better luck than us. I swear, Henry's speaking skills have been slow because we were doing so much at once. Hopefully Elliot will catch on better.
We were doing English, Italian, and ASL. I think we just confused Henry. For example, when he wants a cookie, he signs cookie and says "i-o" (his version of cucchiaio). Oh well. :)