Monday, September 29, 2008

Aztec Ruins

Since we spent Friday in Albuquerque, we passed a lazy Saturday in Farmington. Waking up far too late, we decided to go to Ancestral Puebloan ruins in nearby Aztec.

The coolest thing about these ruins is your able to walk through them. Turns out Ancestral Puebloans were short rounds (catch that Indiana Jones reference?), so it makes getting through the doors, complete with a Sherpani kid-carrier somewhat difficult.

Thankfully, Elliot dug going horizontal.

Here's a little more of the ruins.

This last photo is of a kiva, which is a religious ceremonial structure. This kiva has been rebuilt, and is neat inside.

We sat through a presentation on Ancestral Puebloans and their use of turkeys. Turns out, for most of their history, they used turkeys, not for food, but for their feathers, which they made into clothes, including shoes. It was only when they suffered deep droughts, that they started eating those tasty, tasty birds.

Pretty good stuff, for a lazy Saturday.

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