Monday, May 5, 2008

Mildred Loving Memorial

Mildred Loving (of Loving v. Virginia fame) died last week.

Mrs. Loving fought courageously for the right to live as a married couple with her husband in their home state of Virginia -- and thankfully she won. Mrs. Loving deserves our admiration for waging a battle that overturned 400 years of American anti-miscegenation law. Interestingly, some have created a holiday to celebrate the Loving decision. It's called, appropriately enough, Loving Day, and it's celebrated annually around June 12.

Demaree and I are especially grateful to people like Mrs. Loving because she help make families like ours (i.e., transracial) socially acceptable. How great it is when people stand up for what they believe.

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Henry said...

I heard this today on the radio. It is easy to forget sometimes that the people you read about in cases are real people and continue to lead normal lives (hopefully) after their day in court.

Thanks to people like the Lovings, I live in a world where I find it difficult to believe that laws like this ever existed.

When are you guys going to be "exposing" yourselves as the blog title suggests?