Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indiana Jones (Spoiler Alert)

After gorging ourselves on Memorial Day grilled meats, Demaree, Elliot, I, and our friends the Sorensons saw "Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull."

As one who grew up watching Indiana Jones's adventures dozen of times, I was excited for this movie. Thankfully, this installment hit all the classic Indy motifs: globe-hopping adventure; chase scenes; extensive, well-choreographed fights; evil villians (commies this time); guy getting killed in a horrid manner (i.e., eaten by giant — possibly Mayan — fire ants); and, of course, treasure. Harrison Ford hasn't lost a step either. He's still funny and quite spry for a sixty-something man.

My only real complaint was the ending. The object of all previous Indy films was spiritual treasure (Ark of the Covenant, sacred stones, Christ's Chalice), but this film's treasure was science-fiction in nature (Area 51 type aliens). Missing that spiritual object made this film seem almost hollow. Of course, I say almost because, overall, the movie was still quite good.

As for Elliot, he approved. Being the trooper he is, he sat through the entire movie without making a sound — that is, until the last fifteen minutes. When movie really got rockin', he became excited and vocal. Luckily, the movie theater was so loud no one but we noticed. And then, having experienced his first Indy film, he promptly fell asleep.

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