Monday, May 19, 2008

Dinner with the Delli Caprini

Recently, Antonella's family came for her graduation and we all went out to eat. Demaree and I had been quite excited about this because we're such big fans of Antonella we figured her family would be fantastic as well. As it turns out, they were. Pasquale (Antonella's father) and I talked about Italian literature and soccer. Maria (Antonella's mother) was as sweet as could be, as was Rosemary (Antonella's cousin). And, while Marco (Antonella's fratellino) stole my name, we thought he was okay too.

In the great Italian tradition, we ate much too much food during an exceedingly long, and thoroughly enjoyable, meal. The evening was over much too quickly, but that's okay; we'll visit the Delli Carpini family again. Until then, ciao a tutti.

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