Monday, March 30, 2009

Spanish Fork Weekend

Demaree had a voice lesson with Ariel Bybee last weekend, so we spent a couple days in Utah. Specifically, we stayed with some old friend from Provo: Randy and Natalie. Dem and Natalie roomed together when Dem and I were dating. Eventually, Natalie and Randy started dating, and we all ended up getting married within a few months of one another. We stayed in touch until Dem and I moved to Vegas, and then all was lost. Well, all was lost until the great goodness of Facebook brought us back together again (I really rather like Facebook, just for this reason).

The moment we walked in their house, it was like we had stayed in touch over all these years. Turns out Randy and I went to law school about the same time, and now we're both civil litigators. Their kids are great, and were wonderful with Elliot. It was a great time.

Before going to Salt Lake on Saturday afternoon, we had a picnic with Denis and Lisa. We ate and watched Elliot play on the grass. What could be better?

Dem's lessons are always fun. She sings and we are relegated to Ariel and Jim's study for an hour and a half. Actually, it's nice. Elliot and I watch TV, and I read while he looks outside the window or plays with whatever he can find.

And then there was dinner at the Bombay House: our favorite restaurant. The food was excellent, like always. At the end of dinner, we put Elliot on the floor. He ran to the waiting area, and in the five seconds it took us to catch up to him, he identified the cutest blonde women in the area, climbed up in between them on their bench, and smiled away. They, of course, thought he was adorable. As I approached, I looked at him, then at the ladies, and said: "As you can tell, my son likes blondes." Needless to say, prying him from the bench was a chore.

The next day, we went to Sacrament meeting with Randy and Natalie, where we heard Natalie's talk regarding the law of tithing. (Good talk, by the way). In the talk following Natalie, the sister told us how after much prayer, she and he husband felt guided to stop paying their mortgage because it had become too much of a strain. (Yeah, I'm not buying that one either.)

Then, reluctantly, we drove home. Good weekend.


Leanne said...

So, I am speechless that a woman would admit over the pulpit that she quit paying her mortgage. Where in Spanish Fork were you? I live there too. I like the town, but don't care for the neighborhood we are in. Oh well. Maybe if I stop paying my mortgage, I can move... :)

Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

Uhh . . . Wow. Glad you had a wonderful (and as usual with Utah county) slightly odd weekend.