Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chicago: Post Wedding

So, the day after, Cantone's wedding that is. I had until 5 p.m. to sightsee before having to make my way back to Midway to catch the 7 p.m. flight home. After finding a parking spot in downtown Chicago (for which I paid a pretty penny), I made my way up to Michigan Avenue (i.e., the Magnificent Mile).

While on Michigan Ave. and on my way to Al's Beef for a dipped Italian beef sandwich, a guy came up next to me and offered me some cocaine. First time in my life that's happened. When I said no (and, yes, I said no), he moved on to the guy ahead of me, then the lady ahead of him, etc.

After the Magnificent Mile, I made my way back down Lakeshore Drive to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. I'm a sucker for this sort of things, and I couldn't resist buying a ticket. The artwork was, almost by definition, interesting. From live performances by Japanese artists, to surrealist exhibitions, complete with rooms that explore space strategically placing iron rods, toaster ovens, florescent bulbs, and other quotidian items around at indiscernible intervals. Honestly, the most interesting piece was an examination of broken concrete rods of all different circumferences and colors.

Leaving the museum, jaunted to Northwestern's law school and noticed an Edmund Burke quote I've never seen before.

The rest of my stay included working my way back downtown, checking out some parks, buildings, going to a very nice and well stocked public library, and eating Chicago mix popcorn (cheddar and caramel mix). Here are a few pics.

I caught the flight home with Andy and Olivia. They were coming back from their Fall Break visit to Chicago. It was nice to sit next to friends on a flight. Dem picked us up at the airport, and we all went home and slept. Great day.

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