Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Way of Waking Up

A few months ago we purchased a set of books by Mo Willems. The main character of the set is a somewhat ornery pigeon named, simply, "the pigeon." (I guess I'd be ornery too if I were a flying rat.) Honestly, they're fantastic little books, and Elliot adores them. We read at least one every night at bedtime. Elliot has them all memorized. Anyway, in the book entitled, Dont Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, the pigeon yawns, and then to show he is, in fact, not tired, he yells, "I'm not tired!" He then promptly falls asleep.

So, now when Elliot wakes up in the morning, he will sit in bed and yell, "I not tired! Babbo, mamma, I not tired!" This goes on until we open the door, at which point he asks for a banana. He's a beautiful, funny little man.


BBB said...

Mo Willems is pretty much my favorite children's author. Have you discovered his Elephant and Piggie books yet?? Love, love, love!

lawafterthebar said...

I like Mo Willems. Short. To the point. And just the right about of text.