Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

The 4th is upon us. Today is the day we celebrate America's independence, an independence bought with the best blood the 18th century. It was the blood of young men, slaves and free blacks, women, and children: patriots all. They fought an oppressive regime that they might secure liberty and economic prosperity. July 4th was the beginning of the grandest political experiment in the history of the world -- an experiment that has proven successful and made this world a better place. And while America is far from perfect, it is the shining beacon on the hill. It is exceptional.

May we take this time to reflect on our individual freedoms, realize those freedoms are what makes America (and, by extension, us) great, and work to expand those freedoms among our citizenry and the citizenry of the whole earth. God bless America.

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Missy said...

Hi Marco, Amen to this. That baby of yours is adorable!