Sunday, July 5, 2009

Elliot & Dem Update

Dem and Elliot are well. Demaree's first performance is this Wednesday in San Marino (a very small independent nation, much like Luxemburg, near the east coast of Italy). She's excited to finally get out and sing. Elliot has discovered the goodness of real mozzarella cheese. Demaree was making him some lunch when she pulled out a ball of mozzarella (for those who don't know, in Italy mozzarella comes in ball form and is stored in water). Elliot decided to forego the rest of lunch and just eat the mozz ball like an apple. That's my boy.


Lindsey said...

I tried your recipe but replaced the boca patty (yuck!) with chicken. It was really good. Thanks!

J and M said...

This is the way to have cheese indeed.........with a little tomato/basil/olive oil etc for adults !!!

I had forgotten Demaree was doing Suzuki, hooray for her! M