Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Going Vegetarian - For a Month

So, I've decided to not eat meat for a month. (Stop laughing; I'm serious.) A number of factors converged to facilitate this experiment, to wit: (1) Demaree and Elliot leaving for Italy; (2) desire for a new challenge; (3) Shelley Denison, whom I tease incessantly for her quasi-militaristic vegetarianism (see, I just did it again; I can't help myself); and (4) desire to explore a new culinary paradigm. I'll blog about the experience, recipes included, throughout.

Let's lay some simple ground rules:

(1) no meat, including seafood; and
(2) foodstuffs derived from animals -- e.g., dairy, lipids, eggs, etc. -- are okay (This means if I want to render bacon, I can drink the fat but not eat the meat. Hey, I didn't say this was a principled experiment).

This experiment will end 12.00 a.m. July 10, 2009. Wish me luck.

P.S.: Don't worry. This does not somehow signal a change in worldview or political persuasion. I'll still be the same loveable, sardonic conservative on July 10 that I am now.


Shelley said...

You are my favorite person ever. Seriously. I'm going to compile some of my favorite recipes and get them to you within the next few days. If they're easy and cheap enough for a college student on TA wages to make, you'll definitely be able to do them.

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Dang. Are you sure this won't change you? Acutally, I could probably do the meat part of it for a little while, but it would be hard to do the rest of it. We only eat meat about once a week anyway.

Marco & Demaree said...

Shelley, thanks. I might need some recipes. I've done some research, but I'm not well versed in vegetarian cooking yet. It's definitely a different ball game.

Sarah Kathryn said...

Although I am not a vegetarian, my favorite is Leak and Potato soup. I will find my recipe for that if you would like.

Don't forget to look at complex proteins to help keep a healthy level.

Good luck!