Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DC--NYC Trip Day 9: Sagamore Hill

We took the day and went to Teddy Roosevelt's house on Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay, New York. It's located on the north shore of Long Island, and is actually quite beautiful. Sagamore Hill is the house TR built with his inheritance money, and where he lived before, during, and after his presidency. Here's a good shot of the house on the hill:

Apparently, everyone likes to drive to Sagamore Hill the day after Thanksgiving, so before we could tour the house, we had to wait a couple hours. This turned out well, because we were able to take in the TR museum

and walk the nature trail to the beach.

This was the first time Elliot had ever been to the sea, and while it was a bit cold and he was wearing a snowsuit sized for a two-year-old, he dug it.

Eventually, we did tour Sagamore Hill.

It was about as large as I had anticipated, but had a larger veranda and much larger meeting room. The house is full of animal heads, elephant foot wastepaper baskets, and the like. TR was nothing if not the consumate outdoorsman. The tour was a wonderful experience, but I must admit, perhaps the most satisfying part of the entire day was sitting on the veranda with Dem and Elliot, looking out at the woods and Oyster Bay.

Oh, and we put Elliot on an apple tree and took a picture. That's all, I'm done now. Peace out.

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