Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmasing the House

So, it is now December 18 and we're just posting pictures about putting up Christmas decorations. We actually did this long ago (i.e., the day after Thanksgiving), but we're just now getting around to posting the pictures. Dem and I enjoy Christmas, but we aren't crafty, so there's a limited amount of decorating that goes on. It largely consists of the tree,

stockings, and a few Santa Claus ornaments here and there. One thing we have added recently is a manger scene, which Elliot dearly loves and puts together himself.

This year, Elliot decided he was going to remove the baby Jesus from the manger and cradle him as he (Elliot) slept. It was a precious scene from our precious little boy.

This year we will spend Christmas in Texas with Demaree's family. In fact, Dem and Elliot are already there. They went early (we were originally planning on leaving the December 22) because Demaree's grandmother Ola passed away after a long decline. We wish her the best in heaven and cannot wait to see her again, this time with a glorified body.

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