Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week in Review

I'm sitting here watching the Steelers v. Jets game and thought a week-in-review post is in order. We started out the week without much ado. Dem went to school, Elliot went to school (i.e., daycare), and I went to work. Elliot's doing well in school, better than last semester in fact. He really enjoys the kids he's with and loves going outside in the snow. On Wednesday, I went to pick him up early, and when I looked through his classroom's window, I saw him holding hands with his classmates singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." It was a fantastic sight to behold.

Dem has already begun her "Coronazione di Poppea" rehearsals. And in a sweet turns of events, she was given the opportunity to write the rehearsal schedule. This means she is able to schedule herself on or off any given day. This has been a lifesaver. Also, Demaree used her Christmas present on Saturday. (Her present was two tickets to a movie and a gift certificate to a local French bistro. My only stipulation for using this present was she couldn't use it with me. She had to invite one of her girlfriends along.) She invited Melissa and Erin. From what I gathered, they had a great time, which was the point of the present.

As for me, it was a lot of working to drum up business. On Wednesday, I helped a local women's shelter with protective orders. On Friday, I went to Provo and had lunch with my BYU/attorney buddy Randy before meeting with a potential client. After that meeting, I met with a bailbondsman who just started his business about six months ago. Nice guy. Hopefully, clients will result from this personal networking. And as an aside, I picked up a domain name for my website: It should be up (in a very preliminary state) this next week.

Oh, and Dem and I spoke in church today. We spoke on new year resolutions. We both widdled that subject down a bit. Dem focused on magnifying one's calling, and I on missionary work. We both enjoy speaking and the talks turned out well.

Well, that's the week in review. Hope you all had a great week.

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Emilia said...

first of are fantastically good to your wife. :) finally got to speak! It only took...what...a year and a half or so...? Sorry I missed it!!!