Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with the Family

We left SLC on Christmas eve to spend time with the family in New Mexico. This year, my brother Bernie and his wife Jo made it down. This is only the second time they've seen Elliot, and the first was when he was sick as a dog. This time, however, Elliot was in prime shape and had a great time with his uncle and aunt. Bernie gave Elliot his first baseball glove, which he promptly used.

Actually, Elliot made out like a bandit this year. He got Candyland (remember that old game?).

But that was just the beginning. He also got a sled.

And a Tonka truck set.

And probably his favorite present of all: playing with momma's ears.

He even got presents from Winston and Carmen. Like I said, he made out like a bandit.

Other than the Christmas morning present ritual, we spent a lot of time together talking and eating. Dem and I did take an evening and saw True Grit, which we really enjoyed. On perk about this trip was Elliot was able to spend his last Sunday in nursery where he actually started nursery about two years ago. In all, it was a great time.

Here are a few more photos, just for memory's sake.

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