Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fry time

Inspired by Erick and Gretchen's recent trip to the Alabama State Fair, we decided to deep fry some sweet treats. Here was the line up:

(1) Sandwich cookies
(2) Twinkies
(3) Ho-hos
(4) Banana
(5) Peanut butter cups

We modified a pancake batter and used it as the coating. The best of the bunch was the sandwich cookies. They were warm and chewy. Mmm. The same cannot be said for fried twinkies. I was hoping the frying process would make the twinkie (usually a disgusting little snack more fit for animal feed than human consumption. (Parenthetical to my explanatory parenthetical: Demaree likes twinkies and gets mad at me when I insult them as I just did.)) taste better. It didn't. It just tasted like deep fried bad. After a disastrous first attempt with the ho-ho, the second turned out. Maybe it's just because deep frying anything chocolate is bound to be tasty, but the ho-ho was pretty darn good. Likewise, the banana was yummy. Honestly, warm banana in the middle of a sweet batter, how could that be bad? And then there was the peanut butter cup. The batter didn't stick, so the cup came out and melted all over creation. It was at this point, after ingesting far too much of sweets and fried batter for one night, that we ended our experiment.


nikki said...

out here in Kentucky - they deep fry snickers

Brown Law, LLC said...

See, Nikki, that's the one I want to try. There's nothing better than a Snickers.

J and M said...

I am not sure why, as they are quite frightful, but I also like twinkies.