Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BYU Game II: Electric Boogaloo

Having procured tickets from an old mission companion (thanks Jake), we went to the BYU v. New Mexico game. The game time weather was a balmy 43 degrees, so we clothed Elliot in his winter coat (with his cougar outfit on underneath, of course).

Living in New Mexico brings a whole new meaning to this game, and thankfully we pasted them 21-3.

Everyone loved Elliot's coat. We had five or six who thought it was a cougar coat. (It looks more like a bear coat, with the ears and all, but you know, people see what they want to see). Anyway, we had a great time.


jon and marni said...

I haven't heard Electric Boogaloo in a while......I love that! Didn't Eric Snider do something Electric Boogaloo.

Go Cougars!

FYI- Today we were listening to some children's song, meri deri dixi domini? And ellie decided the lyrics were blah blah mississippi demaree!


Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

I'm impressed that you took Elliot out in that weather! I don't know if I would have braved it myself - let alone take my kids out in it!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Marco and Elliot cheering is one of my favorites. :)