Friday, August 29, 2008

Go Alaska!

I have tried very hard not to let my political leanings (conservative, if you hadn't guessed) infiltrate our family blog. Today, such caution is thrown to the wind. John McCain has picked Sarah Palin, the governor of my home, Alaska, as his veep.

Gov. Sarah Palin speaks to reporters regarding the indictment of U.S. Sen Ted Stevens in her Capitol office in Juneau, Alaska

I would have rather seen McCain choose Mitt Romney or Bobby Jindal; but, as an Alaskan, I'm proud. I'm proud Alaskans threw the good ol' boys out of office and elected someone as honest and forthright as Palin. Whatever happens in this election, Palin will make Alaska proud. And I can't wait to see her beat Joe Biden like the red-headed step child he is.

And one more thing: out of the seven women living in Alaska, Palin is definitely the best looking.

1 comment:

tiff said...

I forgot you were from Alaska....
You're right, though, Palin sounds like an amazing politician (as in, I'm amazed politicians like her still know, with integrity...)